November 2019 – Present


LPNC (CNRS) - MetAction project

Using deep brain stimulation to dig out the subcortical correlates of consciousness with Nathan Faivre, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation
March 2018 – October 2019



Studying neural correlates of perceptual consciousness and sensory attenuation in the laboratory of Olaf Blanke.
November 2012 – December 2017

PhD student


Studying action monitoring in continuous motor tasks in the laboratory of José del R. Millán. Defended on the 7th of November 2017.
April 2010 – March 2012

Research engineer

Sony Deutschland GmbH

Signal processing and machine learning for speech and music.

Recent Publications

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Understanding how people rate their confidence is critical for the characterization of a wide range of perceptual, memory, motor and …

Metacognition is the set of reflexive processes allowing humans to evaluate the accuracy of their mental operations. Deficits in …

Visual attention can be spatially oriented, even in the absence of saccadic eye-movements, to facilitate the processing of incoming …

Hand grasping is a sophisticated motor task that has received much attention by the neuroscientific community, which demonstrated how …

Non-invasive and invasive electrical neurostimulation are promising tools to better understand brain functionandultimately treat its …

Numerous studies have examined neural correlates of the human brain’s action-monitoring system during experimentally segmented tasks. …

Motor imagery (MI) has been largely studied as a way to enhance motor learning and to restore motor functions. Although it is agreed …

Non-invasive brain stimulation has shown promising results in neurorehabilitation for motor-impaired stroke patients, by rebalancing …

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